Furniture Arm Chair

Furniture Arm Chair
Is it possible to find nice quality and stylish “formal” furniture without spending a fortune?

We bought a house a little over a year ago, and I am finding that it is hard to furnish off all the rooms for a reasonable price. Everything I like it expensive. I don’t even have to see the price tag. When I walk into a store and say “I really like that …” then look at the price tag it’s outrageous. There’s a formal dining table that I want and it’s $1,900 (includes four side and two arm chairs). The china cabinet is $1,500. The bedroom set I want is around $4,400. I have tried to look at things that are less expensive but I don’t like most of them.

It can be rather shocking to look at the prices on furniture today.

A wonderful alternative is to check out the classifieds in your paper, Craigslist, local publications, and so on. Consignment shops and used furniture stores, even thrift stores are a great source for quality furniture.

You just have to be patient, and you have to be willing to look and to spend some time researching.

I’ve always felt that accessories are what makes a room. If you could find some attractive, less costly furniture that you like, you could make it pop with beautiful fabrics in window treatments, pillows, etc. Just the right rugs and art work, especially ornate mirrors and frames, could become the focal point of your formal room.

I’d rather have quality used furniture accented with beautiful accessories than furniture – cheap or expensive – that just fades into the background and looks ho-hum. People may recognize expensive furniture, but they’re going go be wowed by your expertise in putting a room together. They’ll notice that elegant rug, the silk throw pillows, the beautiful painting, the perfectly draped window.

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