Furniture Steamer Trunk

Furniture Steamer Trunk
What movie is this scene from?

I saw a clip of a movie on a video – no attributions were made, no idea where they got it from, but it is driven me crazy – I can not place the actor either, except that the face looks familiar. Scene: Man in the late 1800's / early 1900's period clothing, well-dressed, is in an upstairs room with little or no furniture, has a trunk (steamer truck I think) in front of him, open the trunk without touching it, with magic, truck opens, revealing a carpet and some smaller items inside. You then put the blanket on the floor and begins to meditate with a devilish look. The camera pans to a page view, and as it does, crumbling brick wall beside him away, revealing a fiery tableau – then the room disappears, and he floats on the carpet in the meditation position of what appears to is hell. Here are some screen shots of what was in the vid: Please, I hope someone will recognize this film! Thank you!

It is Charles Dance in "The Golden Child", a Eddie Murphy vehicle, late 80th century / early 90's as I remember. 🙂

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