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Furniture Louis Xvi

Furniture Louis Xvi

Reproduction French Antique Furniture – What to look for

For those of us who can not afford Period French Antique Furntiure, then your only real option is to buy Antique reproduction French furniture. Period French furniture has its own look, feel and overall presence and to reproduce the grandeur and elegance takes the skill of a master cabinetmaker. What you have to ask yourself when considering the purchase of French Reproduction furntiure are as follows:

A. Is the veneer's use of the very best quality?

2. If the furniture is authentic Marquetry Inlays accordance with the period?

Three. Are seizures Ormolu or Silver / Gold plated resin or are they made of the finest cast bronze (Ormolu)?

4. Is the scroll legs convertible, convertible with a "C" reverse Knee?

Well, for most of us the answers to these questions just are not that easy to find as you expect. Each period of Antique French Furniture Design has its own special ideosynchratic functions. For example, LOUIS XV furntiure the most important design elements that slim, sleek and feminine elements such as delicate Cabriolet leg, as there are over 5 different types. Other The main features are the use of "C" and "S" scroll elements and also the use of shell designs so typical of high Rococo design.

title = "Reproduction Antique Furniture "> Our reproduction antique furniture is HAND MADE. Each piece is completely authentic in design, and they have some of the most incredible veneering and Marquetry work you will ever see. All fitments are made of Cast Ormolu and bronze are all completely authentic for the period and style.

We hope this will save you the trouble of buying it you think is a good piece of Antique Reproduction Furniture when you only buy mass-produced machine made concrete elements.

About the Author

Dean Cato has been buying and selling Antiques and Collectibles on line now for some years and quite successfully.  We have been able to source some of the most amazing and rare Antiques and Collectibles around so drop by and see us!