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Furniture Drop Leaf

Furniture Drop Leaf
How to deal with difficult neighbors/landlord?

I have been living in my 1st floor apartment for over a year now, and have been having problems with the tenants above me the entire time.They have a balcony which hangs over my patio.They have a ridiculous amount of plants also hanging over my patio, and every time they water their plants, all the excess drips into my patio.I am not exaggerating when I say there has been gallons at a time.This has prevented me from having any sort of furniture or BBQ or anything out there.In addition,especially now in Winter, all their dead plant leaves drop into my yard. I have complained to them, the manager, written a letter to the owner (who lives in NY,I am in CA), but the problems persist.I am struggling SO hard not to flip out, but the manager claims she talked to them.Just today i had to yell up there because he was straight pulling dead leaves off and dropping them into my patio!What can I do without breaking the law!Can I call the police,or report these owner’s/landlord for negligence?

I would suggest presenting this situation as a problem the owner and manager will have, not you.

Excess water will in time cause damage to your patio and the buildings foundation. (labor and material cost to owner, accelerated depreciation of property value)

Excess foliage provides breeding areas for rodents and pests. (health hazard if cited by city or building inspectors)

Most people react quickly when either their wallet or work load will be affected.